EG Software Solutions, LLC offers website development, software development and hosting for small businesses.

We offer website development, mobile application development and hosting. We work with your business to get a better understanding of your needs and come up with custom and well fit solutions.

We also can assist with database modeling, maintenance and configuration.


We understand the importance of well planned database design. Your database houses all the mission critical information your business depends on. We can perform work on your existing database, handle database migration or build you a new database. We specialize in SQL Server and MySQL.

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We will partner with your company to take advantage of all the options that are available on the web. From a simple web presence to a mission critical web application, we can work together to achieve your business goals. We specialize in ASP.Net MVC, PHP and Android. We are beginning to work toward IOS development.

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Small businesses can have unique requirements their customers demand. We listen and learn from small businesses to be sure we can design and develop solutions that meet their specialized needs.  We specialize in C# and Visual Basic.

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Web Hosting

EG Software Solutions, LLC also offers web hosting.  We offer cPanel hosting.  Both Shared and Shared Exclusive.

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Email Spam Filtering


EGSS Spam Filtering utilizes a multi-layered approach to spam and anti-virus filtering.

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